Psychotherapy can help to reduce stress in one's life, enable individuals to gain a broader perspective on themselves and their relationships, learn new and more adaptive coping skills and to ultimately feel more present and engaged internally and interpersonally.  It is not just a process that can help to reduce distress, but it can over time lead to profound changes in the way one feels about themselves and how one relates to others.


My approach to therapy values the importance of each person's individual stories, and recognizes the profound impact that our histories have on our current functioning. 

Individual Therapy

In my practice I provide individual therapy to children (ages 10 and older), adolescents and adults dealing with a wide range of issues.  Collateral sessions with parents or caregivers may be held on an as needed basis depending on the specific needs of the client.  The initial session is 60 minutes in length; weekly individual sessions are 45 minutes.

Couples Therapy

Engaging in therapy with your partner can be profoundly useful.  In important relationships we may find ourselves feeling unheard, unsatisfied and increasingly distant from our partners.  The demands of family and work can sometimes make it feel very difficult to make time and prioritize the quality of your relationship.  Therapy provides a safe place to come together and focus on your relationship, the ways in which it is working and could be improved, and the part that each of you plays in the relationship.  Whether it is a specific event or stressor that you are dealing with, or just want to improve the overall quality of your relationship therapy can be enormously helpful. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a wonderful alternative or adjunct to individual treatment.  Groups are currently forming for new mothers and for high school juniors and seniors dealing with the various emotional stresses of the college process.