There may be many reasons you are seeking therapy at this time. You may be coping with a specific stressor or transition, dealing with old unresolved pain, or just feel like you're not living or relating as fully as you would like. You may find yourself frustrated by the role you repeatedly play in your relationships.

Psychotherapy can provide a safe environment in which to explore these issues, and to understand and address the barriers and resistance to change. It allows us to slow down, tune inward and examine ourselves and our experience in an open, curious and honest way.  


My integrative approach to psychotherapy is informed by ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary psychology, incorporating psychodynamic as well as mindfulness-based and cognitive behavioral strategies. Formal and informal meditation practices may also be integrated depending on your interests and needs. I offer individual psychotherapy to adolescents and adults in my serene Montclair office, though all sessions are currently being held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Meditation Instruction

In addition to psychotherapy I offer one on one meditation coaching as well as weekly meditation classes and workshops. I teach Mindfulness and Compassion Practices, including Self-CompassionMindfulness helps us increase our awareness of our moment to moment experience and to be with it with greater openness and acceptance. With practice we are able to meet the inherent challenges in life with greater ease, become more engaged and present in our lives, and find a greater sense of balance, contentment and joy. Compassion practices, including Self-Compassion, can help us to meet our own and others' suffering with greater kindness and nurturance and stay connected to our common humanity.


In addition to private coaching and classes, I also work with schools and other organizations to help support staff wellness and to create work environments that foster creativity, employee satisfaction, productive, respectful communication and collaboration. I do this by helping leaders and team members cultivate skills necessary for self-awareness, attention and focus, stress management, empathy and compassion. 

Where to Find Me:

Marcie Korman Handler, Ph.D.

38 Park Street

Montclair, NJ 07042 


Phone: 973-746-7740


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