Working Together to Find Your Path of Greatest Fulfillment

Are you feeling chronically stressed and anxious? Do you feel distracted and disengaged in daily life? Do you feel like you're constantly caring for others and rarely attend to your own needs?  Modern life is busy, stressful, fast-paced, and full of distraction; and this has profound effects on our well-being. Psychotherapy and Meditation both offer important ways of slowing down, tuning inward, reducing suffering and improving well-being. 


I am a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of clinical training and experience as well as a Certified Meditation Teacher. I am able to integrate the wisdom of both ancient traditions and contemporary psychology to help you navigate the stress of modern life and reach your fullest potential. Whether working together in psychotherapy or meditation, you can learn to live with greater awareness, cope with the inevitable challenges of life with more ease, and find more calm and balance. 


Psychotherapy can lead to tremendous growth and change, allowing people to lead richer and fuller lives. I work with individuals coping with specific stressors and adjustments, dealing with old unresolved pain, or who just feel that they are not living or relating as fully as they would like. Read more about my approach to psychotherapy.


Rooted in ancient wisdom traditions, Meditation provides another avenue for working with the heart and the mind. I teach Mindfulness and Compassion Practices, including Self-Compassion in one on one instruction, group classes and workshops. Read more about how Meditation can help reduce stress and improve well-being. 

My Practice

I offer an integrative approach to individual therapy with adolescents and adults as well as private meditation coaching, weekly group meditation classes and workshops. I also consult with schools and other organizations to help support staff wellness and create more mindful, productive, and collaborative work environments.

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